I got into coaching after injuring myself
in high school working out with improper form and programming.

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Tamara Kodner

I starting working with John approximately 6 years ago. I was a bit nervous in the beginning because I have MS, but he took the time to understand my condition so that he could set me up for success! John is very empathetic when I experience fatigue, and he has the capability to adjust my workout accordingly. The expertise and guidance John has provided through my strength training sessions have been amazing. His consistent updates and redesigning of my sessions keeps me progressing consistently. His persistence keeps me focused and committed.

John has also worked with my 17-year old son who is an elite hockey player. During the pandemic, my son had to discontinue playing hockey (for one year), but John started to train him via Zoom and we saw marked improvement with his strength and endurance in a matter of three months. He’s helped develop a new attitude in him. Along with more confidence and drive to stay healthy!

John’s professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work and ultimately his clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle.


Kathy Pieracci

It is such excitement that I have the opportunity to write a testimony about John Rhodes. I have known John since the day his parents brought him home. I have watched him grow into an amazing young man and couldn't be prouder of his accomplishments with graduating from High School, his Bachelor Degree from San Jose State University and especially his latest graduation with his Masters from Concordia.

I am a 64 year old woman and decided that my weight was more than I wanted it to be and I also needed to discover a way to tone my body. COVID shut down gave me the perfect opportunity to connect with John via Zoom and start a 2 day a week program using the TRX apparatus and my 8 and 15 lb. weights. I began my exercise in my bedroom but soon discovered I needed more room so I moved to my garage. John is well aware of the issues I have with balance and damage to both my hamstrings along with high blood pressure.

Signing up with a popular gym, their staff never wanted to work with me due to my medical situations. John was the only one that took this information and slowly began to work with them, never causing any additional stress or further damage. I used the TRX and an exercise pad only for several months working with my balance and starting some exercises that I thought I would never be able to do. In January I started WW along with continuing my exercises. I have added an exercise step, a 25 and 10 lb. sand bag, exercise bands still while using my TRX. Since January I have lost over 21 lbs. and have toned my body to a point of definition in my arms, legs and abdomen.

If at any time I over did my exercise John took the time to reduce any undo stress, but also worked me hard enough to make a difference in my routines and my drive to do better. For the first time in my life I have reduced inches all over my body, building muscles without mass, doing regular, not girly, push-ups, building strength in my legs, bringing me more energy. Giving me energy enough to walk 6 miles at least 4 times a week. John has pushed me to do more but only in a safe way, even if I called him and told him I didn't like him. He has always explained what each apparatus I was using, how to use it properly and why I was using it.

I would recommend anyone to call and set up either an in home session or a Zoom session. Living over more than 2 hours from each other this routine has been the easiest. If our schedule has to change he does his best to make sure I have the two sessions.

I look forward to our time and especially my work out, it is the BEST and I am excited to continue and be pushed to the best of my ability. John is very easy to work with and he has made it easy to work out on line and also setting up payments. He is extremely confident and so encouraging to his clients.


Laura Schemmel

John is amazing. His ability to connect with each client he works with, to assess where they are and give them JUST WHAT THEY NEED, is remarkable. I’ve worked with John for over 6 years and I always felt he had my best interest in the forefront. I have some physical limitations that hinder my ability to do some activities. John has always watched and corrected my technique. In addition, he has taught me how to modify some of the exercises to get the most out of them for my body. I have watched him grow his knowledge and technique over the years. I have been blessed to have him this past year during the pandemic to continue an exercise routine and keep me accountable. John is a coach, motivator and champion cheerleader. There have been many times I do not want to work out but do not want to let John down by cancelling. I am always thankful I did not cancel. It gives me energy and helps to keep me mobile.


Nancy Glover

It can be very difficult to find a trainer that knows how to push you to enhance your strength training and physical progression without pushing too hard or too fast. John has a gift of knowing where to take you in your work out and to do it safely. I’m so impressed with his knowledge of functional movement and for discerning where I may be having trouble and how to regress/progress with ease. HIs workouts are innovative and comprehensive. He takes care to make sure you are warmed up properly and he takes the time to check in with you after your work out to see how you are doing. All that and he is just a solid nice human. Do yourself a favor and try a workout with him.


Noell Clark

I’ve been working with John for going on 5 years. His knowledge, innovation, and encouragement have helped me, at 42 years old, to become the strongest that I have ever been. John’s programming is incredibly intelligent. He is adamant about making sure you are strong enough in one movement, before progressing you to more complex and difficult movements. These days, I am doing things that I never thought would be possible!

As a yoga teacher and fitness professional myself, I am incredibly appreciative of the care and thought he puts into designing my workouts. John makes you work hard, but smart.

His kindness and sense of humor keep me motivated through the sweat. John is not your typical big ego know-it-all trainer. He is humble, compassionate, and cares about you and your fitness journey.


Anna Wygant

John was my trainer for a number of years and was always professional, flexible, and fun to work with. I started out as a complete novice, and John helped me build the skills and confidence to become a daily gym user. Thanks to his focus on good form and steady improvement, I was able to build strength without any injuries. I highly recommend John to anyone looking to up their skills. Thanks John!


Adriana & Dean

John is a magnificent coach. Even though, I am a personal trainer and I exercise everyday, I still need someone to coach me on things I don’t do on my own.

John can deal with attitudes, I mean, John trains my husband and me at the same time; if you know what I mean, he is good at dealing with us together (lol).

John is an educator. Tells us what to do and the reason why to do it. He corrects and guides us and knows when it is the right time to push our limits.

John never makes us feel like we can’t do it, he takes us the way we are and makes us better. He is a professional and doesn’t feel intimidated because we are in the same industry.

We enjoy his spirit, his passion to coaching, his sense of humor and appreciate everything he has to offer.

We very highly recommend John as a personal trainer, coach and fitness/wellness educator.


Charles Schemmel

I have worked with John for six years, and he is the best trainer that I have ever worked with. Workouts with him are fun and not just drudgery. Much more than a trainer, I would also consider him to be my coach and motivator. He has an amazing ability to be able to create a workout routine that suits my current physical limitations, but continuously tailors my workouts to keep things challenging as my fitness level increases. He also changes things up so that our workouts are not boring.


Jeff Brass

I have had the pleasure of working with John for the past year. The program he put together has been just what I’ve been looking for: fun but challenging. And as someone who works in the medical field, staying healthy and able to work is crucial. John has been able to help me achieve all of those things. We do a blend of different exercises but the sandbag work especially adds a balance component that has really helped improve my stability through dynamic movements. Recently we’ve moved into more metabolic training, which I’m loving, and I’m excited to see what he has in store next.


Andrew Smith

I have been an avid cross country runner for over 20 years, and never thought much about strength training. I would do some simple body weight exercises three times a week just to keep tone in my upper body and core. With a slighter frame and my love of aerobic activity, I had resigned myself to being ‘skinny’. Then came John, preaching ultimate sandbags and TRX. I thought I would give it a try, and now I am a true convert. After a very minimal investment in the TRX device and a couple of sandbags, I can get a full gym workout in the comfort of my own home. What’s more, the equipment takes up almost no space in my closet, and it’s simple to pack it up and take it to a park or on a trip. John’s routines are dynamic, so you don’t get bored. And after working with him for about nine months, let me tell you – they provide results! My brother visited from Oregon around Thanksgiving and he noticed my new and improved upper body right away. But the reason I will continue with John is not for aesthetics, but for the improvements in my running. With the new strength in my legs, I am running faster and with more power than I have in years. I now not only look forward to my runs, but to my workouts. So if you are a skeptic, or just don’t think you are a ‘gym person’, contact John Rhodes – he will fix you up and fit you up.